Online Academy

Our goal here at RedShed is to have the ability positively affect as many ball players as possible.  With this goal in mind we wanted to devise a solution for players who didn’t live close enough to come to our facility but that could still work with us.  Viola!  Our online academy!  This consists of the player submitting videos to us. We will review the video within 48 hours.  Then we will have a phone conversation and/or overlay the video with the player and parent and send a follow up communication.  We will provide feedback on the mechanics, as well as what drills the player should focus on utilizing to fix the issues identified.  They player should then focus on these drills and submit more videos for more analysis.  This process is meant to be an iterative process.  Our online students typically submit new videos every 1-2 weeks depending on the commitment level of the individual.

Our tiered online academy has multiple levels to ensure we have a solution for every athlete!

Video submission will be arranged after approved admission into the academy.  The online academy space is limited so please contact us to apply to the program!

For our most up to date rates check our Lessons page or Contact us to apply to the academy.